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Liz shone out as a Diamond in the program

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Diamond springs from the expansive analogy of the creation of rare and precious jewels over millions of years. Founded in a personal journey with Chronic Illness, Diamond becomes a reflection on resilience, longevity and potential for brilliance that comes with age.

In 2024 we shape the development of Diamond to make a lasting statement, as diamonds do, exploring time, glamour, extraction, invasion, refraction, landscapes, mining and power.

Spanning over 30 years, my career is founded on my solo practice, informing my company and community practice. The longevity of my career reflects a powerful work ethic and dedication to excellence.

Diamond is the next in a trilogy of one-woman shows, the first being RED (created 2018) which received artsACT funding for both research and presentation. The depth of that creative endeavour is reflected in RED becoming an award-winning critically acclaimed work which still tours internationally.

RED was about losing control. Diamond seeks to regain control, to cut the precious stone into the shape of my choosing. My artistic practice calls for new creation, embedded access and to be re-stimulated, reconnected and enriched by my peers.

Diamond will shape humour, cabaret, film and female grit into a bright, glorious and powerful new work.

Her character is incredibly vivacious, highly spirited and nurturing, prompting all of us to trust in ourselves and in our intuition…
Lea has produced a beautiful show, emanating so
much joy and life, which infectiously spills into the audience 
- Funny, moving, brave and

Sydney Arts Guide, June 2018

What a highlight RED was – quite a statement and an inclusive and unique work. It was
everything and much more than I expected. Congratulations!
I laughed in many parts and had tears running down my face in others. It was so touching, so
beautiful, it blew me away.
Liz, what a marvel, loved the show… so honest, so entertaining, such versatility, such stamina, I was exhausted after the first dance..what a talent!

Audiences' Response

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