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Virtual View

Virtual View (VV) is an international dance exchange that explores the potential of Extended Reality (XR)

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About Virtual view

Virtual View (VV) is an international dance exchange that explores the potential of Extended Reality (XR) in the interplay between body, identity and cross-cultural exchange in the metaverse. The program provides pivotal platforms for artists of all abilities to experiment and investigate relevance of digital bodies and identities.


This project follows directly from my attendance at the DanceXR Lab, (Singapore, August 2023), which was led by the teams from Avventura, Maitree House and Brandon Powers.


DanceXR opened entirely new creative perspectives on both my professional and community practices, including conceptualising XR’s potential to offer empowerment and shifts in identity and perception for dancers living with disability.


VV is built around the same team and their established, successful connection making this project viable. Professor Kim Vincs joins as mentor bringing her own tech experience and mature bodies.


The team:

Avventura (Singapore | 360 filming),

Maitree House (Malaysia/Penang | XR Studio + Avatars and motion capture),

Brandon Powers (USA/NYC | Embodiment Design, a methodology for designing human-centered XR experiences)

Professor Kim Vincs ARC (Aust/Vic | Mentor to Liz)

Liz Lea + Katie Senior: Chamaeleon Collective member/dancer living with Down Syndrome (Aust/ACT | dance artists/researchers).


VV is a symbiotic learning process in which I upskill in a range of XR techniques, informing and inspiring my own choreographic and performative practice alongside my work with dancers living with intellectual disability. We focus on core learnings about the technical processes, exploring avenues of expression for new or different identities. of those extraordinary works that defies categorisation...

Seeing Dance, August 2022

What a highlight RED was – quite a statement and an inclusive and unique work. It was
everything and much more than I expected. Congratulations!
I laughed in many parts and had tears running down my face in others. It was so touching, so
beautiful, it blew me away.
Liz, what a marvel, loved the show… so honest, so entertaining, such versatility, such stamina, I was exhausted after the first dance..what a talent!

Audiences' Response

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